Origins of mercy


10 years of good deeds!

Today, you are not just opening the pages of a brochure but a chapter in the history of good deeds, a chapter each of us...

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Changing the World Together with JDC

Not long ago, the volunteers in the city of Kishinev received wonderful gifts!

Sabbath of Three Generations

The Sabbath in the Jewish tradition is a time of rest and contemplation.

Retro tour for elderly people

A special event war organised foe elderly people in the Origins of Mercy Project

Events for Rosh Hashanah at RVC

Recently, according to the Jewish calendar, the year 5784 began, signaling the start of the autumn holiday Rosh Hashanah...

Private restaurant for Tu B'Av

Tu B'Av is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the month of A...

RVC succeses in July

Despite the fact that during the summer, a large part of the population leaves the city for vacation, our activities do ...

Educational Seminar "The Origins of Mercy" 2023

Volunteers from 4 cities of Moldova attended the annual traveling educational seminar

Digital Journey: Computer Literacy Programs

RVC runs weekly projects for children and the elderly, aimed at teaching computer literacy.

For the first time, Vintage Bazaar at RVC!

We have organized an event to rally volunteers and people of the golden age. We can say with confidence that everything ...

RVC progress check in May!

Another month has passed, which means that it’s time to recollect the highlights of the RVC Volunteer Center that took p...

Shavuot in RVC

We recently celebrated the wonderful holiday of Shavuot with our elderly friends and RVC volunteers.

Literary evening in the Library

Recently, a meeting of the Literary Evening project took place, which was held in cooperation with the Jewish Library na...

Master-class for volunteers of the "Origins of Mercy" project

In May, a seminar and an incentive master class were held for volunteers who are actively working with the elderly