Cooking Together for Shavuot

Volunteers and the elderly prepared dishes traditionally enjoyed during the Shavuot holiday.

Last Sunday, the long-awaited meeting of volunteers and beneficiaries of our culinary project for the elderly, "Cooking Together," took place at the Republican Volunteer Center. The event was traditionally timed to coincide with the Jewish calendar, and this time we prepared dishes that are customary for the Shavuot holiday.

Shavuot is one of the important Jewish holidays, celebrated on the fiftieth day after Passover. On this day, the Jewish people commemorate the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. One of the traditions of the holiday is preparing dairy dishes, symbolizing the purity and spiritual richness of the Torah. In the improvised kitchen of RVC, our elderly and young participants enthusiastically prepared festive dishes, including cheesecakes, blintzes with cottage cheese, and other treats.

The RVC team regularly organizes events dedicated to Jewish holidays. This allows the preservation and transmission of the traditions and culture of the Jewish people to the younger generation, strengthening the bond between generations. Our meetings help not only to learn new things but also to share knowledge, memories, and warmth.

After finishing the cooking and beautifully setting the table, we invited everyone in the office for a tasting session. This has already become a good tradition of our events, creating an atmosphere of unity and friendship. This time, the project extended not only within the walls of RVC but also at the home of an elderly participant. After cooking, a volunteer chatted with the elderly participant over a cup of tea, discussing various dish options for the Shavuot holiday.

Such meetings not only fill life with joy and delicious moments but also help preserve the cultural heritage of our people. Stay tuned for our announcements and cook together with us!