'Good Deeds Day' poster

Good Deeds Day

Since 2016 - Volunteer Center RVC is the official representative of GDD in Moldova. Save the date - 14.04.2024!


Good Deeds Day Conference in Porto

From July 1 to July 4, in sunny Porto, Portugal, the regional conference "Good Deeds Day Europe 2024" took place.

Volunteer School Hub Graduation

Throughout the 2023-2024 academic year, students from various lyceums in Chișinău, Bender, and Comrat actively participa...

Good Deeds Day in Moldova 2024

9900 volunteers participated in the Good Deeds Day across 125 localities in Moldova!

10 years of good deeds!

Today, you are not just opening the pages of a brochure but a chapter in the history of good deeds, a chapter each of us...

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Europe/Asia Leader Conference of the Good Deeds Day

On September 5-8, the annual Europe/Asia Leader Conference of the Good Deeds Day movement took place in Moldova!

Day of Good Deeds in Moldova!

The «Good» Movement, which unites millions of volunteers around the world, has been held in our country since 2016. Volu...

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Good Deeds Day is borderless

The RVC team of Good Deeds Day Moldova Officials held a one-day educational and incentive workshop for 20 Good Deeds Day...

Results of the Good Deeds Day 2022 contest

In the period of May 17-26, on the website of the Republican Volunteer Center rvc.md, a vote was held for the title of t...

Good Deeds Day in Moldova 2021: Let’s know the results

In the period from May 23 to June 6, Good Deeds Day was held throughout the Republic of Moldova! This movement of goodne...