Volunteer School Hub Graduation

Throughout the 2023-2024 academic year, students from various lyceums in Chișinău, Bender, and Comrat actively participated in volunteer activities.

Volunteer School Hub is a project that has become a prime example of how the younger generation can make a significant contribution to societal development and improve the lives of those around them.

The project kicked off with an educational seminar where participants received foundational knowledge about creating social projects. Lecturers helped students analyze the needs of their schools and local communities. This seminar served as a starting point for further actions, inspiring the students to create and implement their own initiatives.

Starting in January, project participants formed groups of proactive students ready to bring their peers' ideas to life. These groups tackled a variety of tasks, from improving conditions in their schools and lyceums to assisting children's centers and addressing environmental issues. The participants' engagement enabled them to achieve significant results and expand their horizons.

One of the project's highlights was Good Deeds Day, in which over 680 students participated. On this day, 32 volunteer actions were carried out, focusing on various social and environmental aspects. Throughout the academic year, another 60 actions were conducted, showcasing the importance and benefits of volunteering.

Participants are eagerly anticipating the start of the new academic year to continue their projects. Many are already planning new initiatives aimed at improving life in their communities and beyond.

On June 16, the project’s final meeting took place, where students gathered to review their work, exchange experiences, and get to know each other. The meeting recalled past training sessions, discussed actions implemented in schools, and shared future plans.

Each lyceum that participated in the project received a diploma for active participation, serving as a reminder of the importance of volunteering and their contribution to it. This certificate is proof that through everyone's efforts, the world becomes better and kinder.

The "Volunteer School Hub" project, supported by the Swiss Cooperation Office, demonstrated that youth can change the world for the better. The participants showcased not only their knowledge and skills but also their big hearts, ready to help others. This graduation project marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the lyceums in Chișinău, Bender, and Comrat, inspiring many students to achieve new accomplishments and perform good deeds.