Sabbath of Three Generations

The Sabbath in the Jewish tradition is a time of rest and contemplation.

The Sabbath in the Jewish tradition is a time of rest and contemplation. It is a period to pause from the daily hustle and dedicate time to family, reflection, and peace.

On January 26, the elderly and volunteers gathered together for the meeting with the Queen of the Sabbath. Each such gathering begins with a recounting of the weekly Torah portion, followed by observing all the stages of the Sabbath.

Special attention this time was given to Tu B'Shevat, the Jewish holiday of trees, which was celebrated the day before the event on January 25. As part of the Sabbath celebration and in honor of Tu B'Shevat, a quiz was organized, allowing both volunteers and the elderly to learn new information about this holiday. Moreover, the quiz became an excellent means of communication and strengthening ties between generations.

The main goal of RVC is to promote communication between people of different ages, preserving and transmitting cultural heritage and memory. January 26 vividly demonstrated how important it is for all generations to celebrate together such days as the Sabbath and Tu B'Shevat, as they not only remind us of the importance of preserving traditions but also unite people through common values and interests.

Sabbath of Three Generations is a wonderful opportunity not only to learn more about Jewish traditions but also to become a part of a community where everyone can find something close and dear to themselves.