Digital Journey: Computer Literacy Programs

RVC runs weekly projects for children and the elderly, aimed at teaching computer literacy.

Over time, the world of information technology has become an integral part of our lives, defining our relationships, work and education.

However, not all people have the ability to easily adapt to modern digital realities. To make this world more accessible to all ages, JDC, in partnership with INTEL, made it possible to implement programs that have been successfully running in the computer class of the RVC Volunteer Center for a year now. These projects allow the elderly and children to learn the basics of computer literacy, opening up new horizons of knowledge and opportunities for them.

One of these wonderful projects that deserves special attention is “IT-Babushka”. Focused on teaching computer technology, this project has become a real lifesaver for Hesed’s elderly clients. Throughout the year, with enthusiasm and warmth, RVC volunteers held exciting classes where older people began their amazing journey into the world of digital knowledge. From the very first steps, such as turning on the computer and mastering the mailbox, the project participants moved on to more complex skills, including sending letters and much more. But «IT-grandmother» is not only teaching computer technology, it is also a kind of bridge that connects generations. Project participants make new friends and feel supported by caring mentors. By embarking on the journey of digital literacy, older people are breaking through the barriers of insecurity and fear of new technologies, and as a result, they are discovering the world of opportunities available in the online space.

Inspired by the success of «IT-Babushka», another charity project called «IT-Kids» emerged to teach computer literacy to children. Here, volunteers offer young participants a unique opportunity to master the tools of search engines, learn how to create interactive presentations and games. The IT-Kids project is a drop of joy and creativity that spreads throughout the class. Children happily plunge into the world of computer technology, feeling real interest and involvement in the learning process. In addition, children, participating in the project, become real mentors for their parents and grandparents, share their knowledge and help them overcome the digital divide. The IT-Kids project not only develops children’s technical skills, but also strengthens family ties, creating a special atmosphere of cooperation and support between generations.

The computer literacy programs for the elderly and children at the RVC Volunteer Center demonstrate that intergenerational interaction through volunteering leads to great results. These initiatives, which promote communication and knowledge sharing, must become a worldwide phenomenon so that everyone can function successfully in today’s digital world. After all, only by joining forces and supporting each other, we can create a future where all generations have the necessary knowledge and competencies to succeed.