March achievements of RVC volunteers

The first month of spring inspired us to heroic deeds, so we began to prepare for projects with even greater enthusiasm, to solve the tasks set, to help all those who need it so much.

Through the efforts of coordinators and volunteers of the Republican Volunteer Center, in March we held 95 meetings. 85 volunteers of the Center took part in various online and offline projects, which totaled 690 volunteer hours. In total, we helped 885 unique clients in March.

In March, it was decided to expand offline meetings, so some projects smoothly migrated to the walls of the Center. Plus, do not forget about Pesach, for which we prepared throughout March, conducted educational programs, seminars, delivered matzah, organized thematic Shabbats, etc.

Back in March, it was decided to expand the volunteer movement in the Republic, thus our project aimed at working with older people “Origins of Mercy” is now working in Balti and Rybnitsa.

The world is changing with ourselves, let’s change it together!


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