Workshop for “Call Center” volunteers
On Sunday, November 20, an educational seminar for call center volunteers was held at the RVC. During the seminar, at a session with the project psychologist L. Semina, the volunteers learned about the specifics of communication with the elderly. During the conversation, we learned who an elderly person is, at what point old age begins, how to communicate with people of different ages, and what changes a person undergoes when he grows old.

Also noted:

✔️ What you need to pay attention to when talking with aggressive people;
✔️Where does aggression come from and what is it;
✔️What to do so that a person stops being aggressive;
✔️How to move the conversation in the right direction, giving a person a sense of calm;
✔️ The difference between healthy people and mentally unbalanced people and what to do in such situations;
✔️How to help manage depression by finding out that the best way is to move!!!

The next session was held by Alexander Makukhin, Doctor of Sociology, sociologist-analyst, with 10 years of experience in humanitarian and integrative programs, since February 24, 22, the head of the state program of the Republic of Moldova to help refugees “Dopomoga”.

During his lecture, the volunteers learned:

✔️ How can the Call Center ensure that the old age of the wards is a joy, because age is not a reason to stop leading a social life;
✔️ When a person is left alone and does not find a use for himself, he fades away very quickly. We are doing a very important thing, helping the elderly not to fade away, to communicate and nourish themselves with new emotions;
✔️Get instructions on how to conduct a conversation: where to start a conversation, what phrases should not be categorical, which inspires further conversation and the desire to be needed and useful.

An interesting experience was gained by our volunteers during a workshop on articulation and diction from Alexandra Pukhlyakova, the leader of acting courses, who, like no one else, knows about the pronunciation of words and pure speech.

✔️Learned how important correct, clear speech is when talking on the phone: literacy, clarity; how to control your voice;
✔️Tactics of conducting a conversation with various topics for conversation;
✔️Learned about articulation gymnastics, experienced the exercises on yourself, learned to speak pure tongues.

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