What should I do with my children during quarantine?

Kindergartens are closed for quarantine, schools are closed, and all clubs and extra classes are also closed. What should a child do at home? And most importantly, what do parents do to occupy it? After all, we want it to be something useful, educational, and useful, and not meaningless computer games or videos on the Internet #youtube.

We have a solution!

RVC volunteers offer educational online classes for children of all tastes and ages!

What classes do we invite you to attend:

  • School Ready – for children 5-6 years old

These are preparatory school lessons where the child will learn to read, write, count, and we will also teach him Russian and Romanian, and even teach him to draw.

Занятия проходят каждый понедельник и четверг в 12.00 вот по этой ссылке

  • #Я сам и Арт мастерская – for children 7-10 years old

These are unique projects that will definitely not leave your child indifferent. As part of the #I am myself program, volunteers teach children safety, self-defense, first aid, how to prepare their own lunch, and how to behave when their parents are not at home. The lessons are very exciting and interesting.

And “Art workshop ” classes will definitely appeal to creative children. In these lessons, you can create amazing things and fakes from improvised materials. We draw, do origami, sculpt and create together with your children!

Lessons “#myself” they are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 14.00, but “Art workshop” it takes place on Sundays at 12.00

  • Talking English – for children 10-14 years old

Talking English-these are great English lessons that even after a short time will help you understand complex grammatical topics, learn a lot of new words, instill a love for the language, and help you overcome the language barrier. The project’s volunteers have extensive experience in working with children, they present information in an accessible way and find an approach to everyone.

Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16.00 – link

  • Creation Space – for teenagers 15-18 years old

You can overcome the fear of public speaking, learn oratorical skills, and gain self – confidence here. We invite you to the most interesting and unusual lessons “Creation Space”.

Classes are held on Tuesdays at 19: 00 in a live broadcast on Link

  • Yes/no – for children from 7-9 years old

First time you’ve heard that word? Well, this is completely normal, because danetki appeared not so long ago. Danetka is a logical puzzle that will make you think before giving the correct answer. The rules are quite simple: I tell you a story, and in order to give me the right answer, you can ask me questions, but only those that I can answer Yes/no. And so, together with the entire team of players, you will be able to find a worthy answer to the riddle. See you every Tuesday at 16.00 here ссылка

  • Self-employed journalist - for teenagers 15-18 years old

Do you want to learn a new profession for free during the quarantine period? Can you write beautiful texts? Do you like talking on camera? Guess what profession we’re talking about? That’s right, journalist. Thanks to this profession, you can learn at least the skill of eloquence, and as a maximum, with effort, you can be baked on TV screens. Every week on Friday at 13.00 we are waiting for you in online journalism classes. Don’t miss your chance to become famous, go to link

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