What has quarantine taught us?
    In connection to the situation occurring all over the world, quarantine, regime of self-isolation, a lot of companies and firms moved to online work regime. This difficult challenge, which was more than 2 months in most countries, showed us that it is not only real to work online, but really convenient.

Undoubtedly we need live communication, meetings with each other, face to face talks, but we can keep some things online, can’t we?

     Republican Volunteer Center has also tried out this type of working. Of course, volunteers are not able to move online completely, because within the framework of the projects we meet with elderly people, come to them in order to repair some stuff, welcome Shabbat, help them with household and we love going out together. We also visit animal shelters: bring them food, medical supplies, take part in repairing enclosures and cages. We adore children projects, playing with them, creating quests and master classes. Surely, we are looking forward to continue this activity. We love meetings with you, holding mass events; we get together at the Concert Hall of The Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus to summarize our work, watch films, celebrate Jewish holidays, have rest in open air.

Certainly, when situation makes it possible, we will continue our occupation, which we have been doing for several years, with great pleasure, we will come back to our day-to-day life. But quarantine taught us to work online. Even before we had some projects that could pass this way. But now there is an effective system of work and we can surely say that we conduct our meetings productively, pay attention to elderly, holding сlasses on different themes, create educational lessons for kids, welcome Shabbat together online, have meetings with psychologist and many other things.

How you have probably mentioned everyone in our Center tries to find advantages in everything, give each other only positive and pleasant emotions. We are grateful to quarantine for the experience we gained. And we’re happy that everyone is now sure that nothing is able to stop good! If we really want to do good deeds, help each other and improve our world – we can do it under any circumstances!

We thank and hug (virtually so far) everyone who was and remains with us, who relentlessly pursue the idea of spreading good! Thank you for being with us!

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