What can you do in 72 hours?

Have you ever wondered how much things you can do in 72 hours? No? Let’s figure it out…

It should be noted that 72 hours include 4320 minutes or 3 happy days of our life. At first glance not so much, but have you known that in 72 hours we actually do lots of things:

  • Blink 700.000 times;
  • Take 69.000 breaths;
  • Walk 30.000 steps;
  • Say 21.000 words;
  • Eat 12 times;
  • Drink 12 litres of water;
  • Spend 21 hour on internet;
  • Smile only 21 times.

Our team offers you to do at least 5 good deeds in 72 hours! During this time you will have an opportunity to help people of different ages, resolve city’s problems, take care of ecology and increase the amount of smiles from 21 till at least 200.

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72 hours which you’ll spend with RVC team with benefit for yourself and for society approach!

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Близятся 72 часа, которые ты проведешь вместе с командой RVC с пользой для себя и для общества!

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