“We Collect Memory Pieces”: Training Workshop

Yesterday a training workshop for our volunteers within the project “We Collect Memory Pieces” which Yad Vashem: World Holocaust Center, Jerusalem carries out, took place.

We would like to remind that from September, 11 till September, 14 our volunteers together with “Yad Vashem” employees will conduct interviews and collect materials about life and fate of Jews during WWII on the territories of the former USSR.

The Israeli employees have told the volunteers about the history and mission of the memorial complex, as well as tasks they have to carry out. Volunteers have received detailed oral and written instructions on how to collect necessary information. It is very important for the volunteers to gain all knowledge and skills so that their task could be carried out most qualitatively.

At the meeting there were representatives of several organizations and in the welcome speech many of them thanked the team of volunteers responsible for the workshop.

We wish good luck and great success to team of the project “We Collect Memory Pieces”!

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