Volunteering Abroad

In December and January, we sent #RVC volunteers in Israel to look at volunteering abroad for a period of 10 months. Alexandra Gorbataya recently managed to visit the guys and see the way they spend time there.

The people around us and our activities change us. It allows us to develop or look at some things differently, change our attitude towards people and the world. This happens more quickly in new conditions, which are different from our daily life. Volunteering abroad creates such conditions.

“I have communicated with the guys and I managed to find out the things they learned and the way their world view was changed. I realized that they will not change their vision in some aspects.”

We will write new stories about the guys soon, in which they will tell you new details of their volunteer activities and life there.

If you have any questions, write to us and the guys will answer you  in the following posts.

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