Volunteer project “Shabbat Guest”

To maintain the traditions and culture within the community, considerable efforts of all generations are required. That is why young people need to keep in touch with the older generation. Elderly people need our attention, care and support.

The project “Shabbat Guest” was created in order to connect the two generations and preserve the main Jewish tradition – the meeting of the Queen of Shabbat. In addition to maintaining cultural traditions, we understand the importance of human communication. It is the best thing that may fill the emptiness formed by time.

Within the framework of the project, volunteers come to visit elderly people, hold a Shabbat ceremony with them and spend the evening in a pleasant communication.

In return, older people share their wisdom and experience accumulated over many years of life, and their gratitude does not need verbal expression – it reflects in their eyes.

This project involves volunteers from 18 to 40 years who have the opportunity to visit the elderly every Friday in Shabbat from 16:00 to 17:30.

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