Volunteer project “Origins of Mercy”

Each of us met single old men and women on the streets of the city, in lines of polyclinics or in public transport. Everyday business is much more difficult for them than for us. We believe that young people should help them as much as they can!

We want to revive a sense of responsibility for the elderly in our society, and have created “Origins of Mercy” for this purpose. The project is divided into three main directions: “Home Care”, “School Repair”, and “Socialization”.

In this project, volunteers from 18 to 65 years are involved, who is responsible, understanding, open, and ready to listen and bring joy to the life of the elderly. The schedule is flexible.


+373 (22) 509 646
+373 69020369
Chisinau, E. Doga str. 5,
of. 309, 310, 312
Mon. - Sun.
15:00 - 21:00