Volunteer Project “Joy of Old Age”

Birthday is a holiday which can’t be celebrated alone! It is created for fun, emotions and gifts. But how to deal to those people who nobody comes to visit, or with those who cannot even leave a room? Fortunately, there is someone who can congratulate the wards of the Republican assisted living residence for elderly and disabled people on their birthday!

On the 25th of November volunteers of the “Joy of Old Age” project visited residents of the Republican assisted living residence and congratulated birthday celebrants of the month. They prepared many gifts: photos reminding about the brightest events of Boarding house, hand-made greeting cards, and sweets. However the holiday wasn’t limited to this! Volunteers also taught the wards to make 3D-compositions of paper, to make dolls and other hand-made articles of clay. The day has glided on thanks to the cheerful conversation, genial smiles and varied program!

Dear volunteers! Thank you for the joy you bring to the elderly people! Your visits are similar to a beam of the sun in gloomy weather for them.

We are inviting young people to come with us in the “Joy of Old Age” project to make people happy every day!

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