Volunteer Project “Fresh Wall”

Beauty of the environment is one of those things which influences over one person’s mood. Nobody likes boring bleak walls and moreover walls spoiled with ugly inscriptions and symbols. The “Fresh Wall” project was created to give special appearance to the walls of city houses by painting bright and interesting drawings. It is especially relevant in places which suffered from unpracticed hands of local “artists”.

Late fall the weather doesn’t dispose to street creativity, however for volunteers of the project there was another task! On November, 25, they visited the Children’s hospital named after V. Ignatenko, where they decorated walls of the game room with drawings. A huge treasure map, a pirate ship and a big blue whale appeared on the wall! We are sure that these drawings will wake children’s imagination, will please them in gloomy autumn days and will also create a remarkable emotional atmosphere.

Thanks to efforts of our volunteers, children won’t feel melancholy which hospital stay brings, and will be able to invent interesting games!

Thanks to our volunteers for the original idea and its fine realization! Thanks to you children won’t feel bored being in hospital and will forget about illness, being in the game room.


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