Volunteer of the Year Awards Ceremony 2019

      The most anticipated event of the year is the Volunteer of the Year Awards Ceremony, which was held on December 8th. The ceremony took place around International Volunteer Day, which was celebrated world-wide on December 5th. Traditionally during the ceremony, we take time to award our best and most active volunteers at RVC! This year, we also decided to celebrate our center’s 5th anniversary! We invited our friends, partners and, of course, our volunteers, who also brought along their parents, loved ones and friends to help support them and celebrate their hard work. Our wonderful decorations, smartly-dressed guests, gourmet appetizers and lively performances created a truly celebratory atmosphere.

This year, 6 presidential awards were given to the following people: Alexander Orlioglo, Antonina Pizhevskaya, Vladimir Sali, Artyom Perchun, as well as 2 other volunteers at RVC.
During the Ceremony, volunteers were recognized and awarded under the following categories:

– Most Active Volunteer (in accordance to our point system)
– 50 volunteers were recognized
– RVC Old Timer
– Breakthrough of the Year
– Project of the Year
– Regional Volunteer (Balti, Rybnitsa)
– Volunteer Coordinators
– Partner of the Year
– Our Volunteers’ Stories
Gifts, certificates, and our treasured necklaces with the hebrew “חי) “chai) charm were all gifted
to our hard-working volunteers.

      The ceremony was hosted by Nikita Solovyov, the RVC team, and their director, Nikolay Raillan. They got the privilege of awarding some of the hardest working volunteers at our center! Also, throughout the evening the guests got to enjoy watching videos that were filmed specially for the ceremony. The videos highlighted all the successes of the volunteer center and personal achievements of individual volunteers. To conclude the ceremony, the music group Sunstroke.

         Project performed in honor of our volunteers and all of their hard work. After the performance, all of the guests went downstairs to socialize, enjoy some delicious appetizers and take selfies in our photobooth. We would like to thank everyone who came to honor and celebrate our volunteers, who work year-round to bring joy to others, help people in need, and create a better community for us all!
Because of you, our volunteer center has been thriving for 5 years, and will continue to do so for a long time.

Thank you for making it all possible!

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