Volunteer Management in Times of Crisis

The severe consequences of hostilities in Ukraine have also affected our country. From the end of February, for several months, the work of the Jewish Community and our entire country changed dramatically and was directed to help refugees. We all rallied to provide support to people who are in trouble and came to Moldova, hoping to find temporary shelter here.

The RVC team, KEDEM, our volunteers and a large number of new volunteers have been actively involved in helping refugees from Ukraine for several months. Now the RVC team in Moldova, the Volunteer Community Ukraine team and participants from other countries who have encountered working with refugees are undergoing specially designed training.


Training is organized by https://www.iave.org/ . It is based on feedback from us and the experience that we have already received. The IAVE lecturer team consists of the best volunteer mentors in Israel, Portugal, Germany and Ireland.


At the moment, the teams of our Volunteer Centers have completed a course called “Volunteer Management in a Crisis Situation”, 5 well-prepared sessions, namely:

  • Session 1: Assessing the situation and needs of refugees;
  • Session 2: Crisis volunteer management;
  • Session 3: Motivation and recognition of volunteers;
  • Session 4: Supporting Volunteering: Managing Chaos;
  • Session 5: Sustainability and transition.



We do not stop improving and improving our skills, because this is the only way to achieve success and help those who need it as productively as possible. Thank you all for your participation, for your help, for your support!

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