Volunteer Jobs Fair 2019 – “Explore how to become a part of the good”!

This Sunday, on September 22nd, the DC Donuts and Coffee Cafe hosted the Volunteer Jobs Fair, which was attended by over 350 people.

For 5 years the Volunteer Jobs Fair has been a great opportunity to learn about volunteering, existing projects in the Republican Volunteer Center, social problems these projects solve, and the role which volunteer plays as a part of social projects. The Volunteer Jobs Fair is held in the beautiful DC cafe for 3 years. Even people who don’t know about the event and pass by the café, join us and learn a little more about volunteering.

The Volunteer Jobs Fair was attended by over 350 people, and 200 of them signed up to join various volunteer projects. Each of the project is aimed at a particular target audience:

  • Children
  • Older people
  • Middle-aged people and families
  • Environment (ecology, animals, healthy lifestyle, urban infrastructure)
  • Mass Events and Volunteer Initiatives

Everyone, who came to the presentation of the RVC projects from 12: 00-18: 00, received information about the areas of interest and took a brochure called “Instructions for Volunteers”. This brochure was created especially for those who knows nothing about volunteering. It tells the basic information about the organization of the RVC and its goals, about the definition of volunteering, the rights and obligations of the volunteer, the directions and target audiences, as well as the benefits of volunteering.

All who came to the presentation of projects were able to spend evening in our warm and cosy atmosphere and to continue communication. Donuts and warm drinks helped create a pleasant atmosphere and everyone had an excellent mood.

The evening continued in the open air, and all the guests got a wonderful surprise – live music.

The Tramps and Christina Cazacu performed covers of famous tracks, and Misha and Nick impressed the guests with their own compositions.

People enjoyed all the performers as well as passers-by, having heard the music, showed interest and joined us.

The evening ended with a documentary premiered in the open air. The film is called “My motivation. Stories of volunteers”. It gave our viewers a reason to reflect on their own motivation.

Those who have not watched the film, do not be upset. We will definitely show it again at the Volunteer Center.

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