Volunteer Job Fair

Volunteer Job Fair is an annual event of the Republican Volunteer Center, which invites everyone to become volunteers. You will find out the information about the ongoing projects of the Volunteer Center, about the Center’s directions, as well as the coordinators will find you a suitable vacancy!

The Volunteer Jobs Fair has been held for the fifth year and more than 350 potential volunteers attend this event every year.

At the Volunteer Jobs Fair you will receive answers to questions: Who is a volunteer? How is volunteer work organized in Moldova and what are its benefits? What skills does volunteering develop? Who needs help, and what problems do volunteers solve? Why is it important to be a volunteer?

The Republican Volunteer Center provides assistance to children, the elderly, middle-aged people and families. The Center cares for the environment, helps animals, promotes a healthy lifestyle in our country, holds various public events and develops volunteer initiatives!

Fair Schedule:

14:00 – 18:00 Presentations of RVC projects. You will learn about volunteer vacancies in your areas of interest. You can choose your own volunteer activities at the fair and learn more about the problems that we solve with the help of social projects.

18:00 – 19:30 Atmospheric evening. Communication and new acquaintances. Live music and delicious donuts made by the DC team.

19:30 – 20:00 PREMIERE – Documentary “My Motivation. Stories of Volunteers. ” The documentary is based on 5 stories of volunteers of different ages and professions from the Republic of Moldova. The main characters talk about what was their motivation to become a volunteer, what inspired them to do good deeds, and how volunteering became their way of life.

We are waiting for you on Sunday, September 22 from 14: 00-20: 00 at the cafe DC Donuts and Coffee, Pushkin 16.

Free admission! Learn how to become a part of goodness!


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