“Volunteer Coordinator Network”

In 2019, we have launched again a useful and effective course on the Network of Volunteer Coordinators. As you have already known, more than 30 projects managed by volunteer coordinators operate at the same time in the RVC.

These are initiative and responsible people who carry out all the important, organizational tasks, gather volunteers together and help in all working moments.

These are important people who make a significant contribution to our common cause. It is not an easy job, as it requires special knowledge and skills! The “Volunteer Coordinator Network” is a project which educates coordinators, gives them professional skills and teaches them to perform their duties on a high quality level.

Within the context of the project, there was held a retreat, attended by 21 people from March 1 to March 3.  There are those who have already managed projects as well as those who really want to try themselves as coordinators.

We have studied the basic theory of working with volunteers in social projects for three days. In addition, a psychologist and business coach Liudmila Semina Gitsu has visited us and has given us excellent lectures on the topics: project management, fundraising and team building. Our already experienced coordinators Julia and Elya have described the volunteering and related topics.

During the volunteer activities and work as a coordinator, each of the participants has faced various problems, and after the seminar they have understood better the way to behave in different situations, find solutions to emerging problems and difficulties, work with volunteers and accompany them.

Each seminar participant has received homework, and if they manage to do it, they will be able to receive a certificate of project support and coordination in our volunteer center.

We wish them success, perseverance and great achievements! We are sure you will succeed!

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