Volunteer Coordinator Network Workshop

At the beginning of the month, on March 6 and 7, the long-awaited seminar of the Network of Volunteer Coordinators took place. At the seminar, our coordinators studied various topics that will help them in promoting their projects, attracting new volunteers and accompanying them in the future. Also at the seminar we talked about the Life Cycle of Volunteers and other interesting topics.

I invited a psychologist, Lina Tetesheva, who organized educational sessions for all seminar participants. In class, volunteers learned more about personal and group management. I found out that a person performs work surrounded by people, interacting with them. At the same time, the group has a huge impact on human behavior. And a person’s behavior, his actions make a certain contribution to the life of the group. We talked about fundraising, about activities to attract resources for non-commercial projects, about finding and attracting financial resources for various social projects. I also learned about new forms of team building.

We hope that this knowledge will help coordinators accompany the projects of the Republican Volunteer Center, as well as inspire and encourage volunteers to create new ideas and initiatives.

Well, we wish good luck to our coordinators and volunteers in all their efforts!



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