Volunteer Community FSU Conference

Our team has attended the Volunteer Community Conference for several years. The conference is held among the CIS countries. People from more than 40 cities meet together in Kiev. We have visited the conference from May 17-19 and we have had great news!

This kind of meetings allow volunteers and coordinators to communicate with each other, share ideas and, of course, exchange invaluable experience in volunteering. This helps to develop and improve the common cause.

A fair is held at the conference every year. Each city presents its best project. There are the most creative and interesting projects, so we admire and praise our dear colleagues!

Every year the best projects are selected and awarded at the fair! Chisinau team has taken prizes at the last two conferences, but someone has always been ahead of us and has won the honorable first place.

Finally, our project has led us to victory this year! You probably already know this project which is called TOM Moldova! All volunteers and coordinators have been inspired by the maker’s inventions and have voted for us. So we have won the first place, however, this time it is absolutely fair to share it with Georgia.

Our team is very pleased with the conference. We have brought a lot of ideas and innovations, we’ve talked to different people who inspire us. We have had positive emotions and, of course, the long-awaited FIRST PLACE! We have enjoyed everything!

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