Volunteer Center successes in SEPTEMBER

September passed quickly and brightly, as we spent the whole month in big holidays: Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot. Our September news is about them.


Rosh Hashanah is one of the most important holidays in the Hebrew calendar. This is the time devoted to the analysis of the past year and the beginning of a new stage in the life of each person. As part of the volunteer center, we held various events timed to Rosh Hashanah, and this week was called “Apple WeeK”. We held educational creative meetings where our participants could learn about history and traditions, as well as show their creativity.


Chisinau city

On September 6, a training session on Rosh Hashanah was held for RVC volunteers. In our lesson, we remembered how the New Year passes among different peoples, what traditions exist and how the celebration of this holiday is held. After discussing the history of the New Year in different countries, we devoted the main part to the history of Rosh Hashanah. The guests learned about the history of the holiday, traditions, got acquainted with the main stages of the holiday’s behavior, as well as the dishes that make up the festive table. Within the framework of the meeting, the Shofar was presented, the sound of which can be recognized by every person who at least once heard the traditional sounds made.

On September 11, 2021, an urgent application was completed within the framework of the “School of Repair” project. An elderly client (Kudyukin Evgeny Vasilievich) asked for the cleaning of construction waste from his apartment. The elderly man’s half of the ceiling collapsed in one of the rooms of the apartment. It took 9 hours to complete the application, divided into 2 visits. 2 volunteers volunteered to complete the application: Pavel Teshu and Stolyarenko Artem. The first visit was 09/06/2021 and lasted 3 hours. During this time, the volunteers carried out 20 bags of 20 kg each (400 kg in total). The second visit lasted 6 hours and 48 more bags of 20 kg each were taken out (960 kg in total). Construction debris included cement slabs, metal profiles, wooden beams (which served as overlaps) and construction dust. A total of 1,360 kg of construction waste was removed. A bulky waste disposal company was involved in the removal.

At the beginning of summer, with the support of our sponsors, we launched a social volunteer project – Healthy Vitamin Box. The main goal of the project is to help 50 participants, namely the poor elderly and families of the community, in providing a monthly food basket. In the first half of September, our volunteers delivered Healthy Boxes to 50 elderly people and families in the community. This time our wards received large sets of vitamins for August and September. Thanks to the support of the KIWORK company, we purchased the following products with which we filled our Healthy Vitamin Box: 100 kg. apples, 28 kg. nectarine, 50 kg. millet, 30 kg. bulgur. Also 35 kg were bought. cauliflower, 45 kg. eggplant, 20 kg. beets, 20 kg. carrots, 10 kg. onions, 20 kg. pears. In addition, our volunteers made apple jam in honor of Rosh Hashanah. As a result, we got 35 cans, which also went to the elderly.

All this was completely impossible without our volunteers and their teamwork! Five volunteers were engaged in making jam, 15 volunteers packed food, and seven people delivered all the goodies to the addressees.

The Healthy Vitamin Box project is a great start to start leading a healthy lifestyle and helping all those who really need it so badly. We are glad that for several months now we have been able to promote the culture of a healthy lifestyle to the masses, while helping our wards. Thanks to our partners and volunteers who make everything possible. Further more!

On September 9, another online program took place as part of our holiday week. Our volunteer Herman Viktoria at the online meeting “Cooking Together” for the elderly and volunteers from three cities showed live the process of making apple jam. Also, the elderly happily exchanged their family recipes and cooking highlights, because each housewife has her own cooking secrets. Surprisingly, recipes were shared not only by the older generation, but also by young people. On the air, we were able to see one of the recipes that our volunteer shared with us.

On September 10, together with the youth platform Haverim, the volunteers celebrated Shabbat. This meeting was special – we talked about the Rosh Hashanah holiday. Participants of the Haverim youth platform held the traditional part, told about Shabbat and Rosh Hashanah, and then we all played a big floor game together, which helped to consolidate and better assimilate useful and interesting information about the holiday.

On the eve of the autumn holidays, the volunteers of the Call Center project came to the RVC for a festive congratulatory telephone call to lonely elderly people. Volunteers congratulated the elderly on the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot, reminding the elderly about the traditions and history of the holidays in their congratulations! The action was attended by 5 volunteers who managed to call and congratulate 88 elderly people on the autumn holidays!

On the last Sunday of September there was a “Sukkot Quest” for RVC volunteers. On this quest, the volunteers got acquainted with the Sukkot holiday, learned about its traditions and customs. Also, the volunteers were able to see live the attributes adopted for the “arbaa minim” holiday. The volunteers saw the attributes with their own eyes and were even able to touch them. Also, within the framework of this meeting, the volunteers got acquainted with the historical part of Chisinau and learned about the history of the Jewish people who lived in the territory of Chisinau and celebrated Sukkot every year.

On September 26, active volunteers of the Russian Exhibition Center and activists of the Haverim youth platform had a wonderful time at a large outdoor event

and in the Bendery fortress! Together, we have become part of a large celebration of Sukkot within the walls of one of the main attractions of our country! Everything was wonderful: landscapes, a large company, holiday words, dances, music of all genres: from national Jewish motives to modern well-known compositions performed by the Mahagon group.

We thank EORM for the opportunity to become a part of such a large-scale holiday!

The company has gathered really family and friendly, as it should be on the Sukkot holiday!


Rybnita city

Promotion “Good Jam Day” in Rybnitsa

In the first half of September, within the framework of the “Origins of Mercy” project, an action “Good Jam Day” was held, thanks to which the volunteers congratulated on Rosh Hashanah and presented delicious jam to 10 elderly clients of Hesed.

For the first time, volunteers of the “Origins of Mercy” project joined the Good Jam Day volunteer campaign by making apple jam together. We would like to express our gratitude to Alexander Chernienko from Rybnitsa, who provided apples for jam free of charge!

Volunteer Svetlana made delicious jam from her homemade Moldovan aromatic peaches for the campaign. The guys from the teenage club JewVentus made beautiful postcards. And the volunteers conveyed all this beauty and deliciousness, as well as sincere congratulations to the elderly.


Balti city

Delivery of honey for Rosh Hashanah.

From 17/08/2021 to 21/08/2021 volunteers of the “Origins of Mercy” project delivered honey, food kits, personal protective equipment to clients living in the Northern region.

And in the middle of August, “Hesed Yaakov” business center organized the delivery of honey, food sets and personal protective equipment for the holiday. Volunteers of the “Origins of Mercy” project visited 35 settlements. The holiday kits were received by 128 clients.

The wards gratefully accepted the kits, expressed their deep gratitude to sponsors, organizers of delivery, volunteers for the fact that in our difficult times they find the opportunity and means to help those in need.

Good jam day

09/09/2021 on the territory of the Hesed Yaakov business center, volunteers of the Sources of Mercy project prepared apple jam as part of the Good Jam Day campaign.

On September 9, volunteers of the “Origins of Mercy” project gathered in Hesed to make apple jam for the wards. After peeling and cutting the apples, we put them in two large cauldrons, sprinkled them with sugar and put on the fire, brought to a boil and boiled a little. Since the process of making the jam is quite long, I had to cook it and pour it into jars at home.

On September 11, we organized the delivery of jam to the wards. People were surprised and delighted with this unusual gift.

I would like to express my gratitude to our friends who helped to buy apples and sugar, as well as to volunteers for their help in making and distributing jam.

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