“Victory Day”

War is one of the most terrible troubles that have happened to humanity in the whole history. We remember millions of innocent victims, the hunger and tears of those who lived at this horrible time. But despite everything, there are still people who, having passed through all the tragedies of the ruthless war, believed and fought for freedom and for the peaceful sky over the head. These are the heroes who gave us a bright future.

“Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war.”

Not every person of our generation can truly understand these words, as we have not gone through this enormous suffering. But young people still have a unique chance to touch history and learn more about the events of the Second World War.

We invite you to “Victory Day 2018”. There will be songs of war time, brass band, personal stories about little hopes and great heroism.

We invite you to get to know these people, listen to their stories as a part of Victory Day celebration.

On May 10 at 16:00, JCC “KEDEM”, summer playground

Location: E.Doga 5 str., KEDEM

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