Victory Day!

        On the 9th of May this year people celebrate 75 years from the end of The Great Patriotic War. 9th of May is the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany, the Day of Victory over nazism and fascism, the Day when people managed to stop the terror, which was spreading all over the Earth during several years.

Republican Volunteer Center as well honors the memories of the victims of the war, we remember and are proud of our heroes, of their courage and bravery, of their fortitude and heroic acts, we thank everyone who was ready to give his life for the Peace on Earth. We bow down to you, heroes!

Obviously, this year 9th of May is going to be celebrated in unusual way for us. We are not going to visit the memorial to congratulate the veterans all together, to thank them for the Victory, to give them flowers, sing songs and enjoy, to lay flowers at the Eternal Flame. In relation with the pandemic a lot of countries have postponed parade and celebration to another date. But we think that it is really important to recall exactly the 9th of May, and, necessarily, to congratulate the veterans, what are going to do RVC volunteers.

We urge all those who wish to join us in order to congratulate the heroes of The Great Patriotic War. If you want to take part as a volunteer, or you have the possibility to provide food packs, humanitarian assistance, basic necessities and etc. for our volunteers don’t hesitate to contact our coordinator Olga Korzhenkova by number +37369020369

Furthermore, Republican Volunteer Center launches the action “Online Immortal Regiment”. We invite everyone to join us. Share photos with the heroes of War from your family with #rvcimmortalregiment!!!

We remember, we are proud

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