VACANCY in the “Sources of Mercy” project!
     As part of the “Home Care” program, volunteers and older people interact in pairs. Each volunteer will devote all his/her attention and free time to one grandmother or grandfather, which will make it possible to better understand the needs and characteristics of the elderly.

    The tasks of volunteers include regular walks, shopping, escorts in the city, as well as the delivery of gifts. In addition, volunteers can communicate with their wards in any other way: to watch movies, celebrate holidays, play games and engage in creative activities.

The number of grandmothers and grandfathers who receive help in our project is constantly growing, so we need new volunteers who will responsibly carry out their work and give positive emotions to their wards. If you possess these qualities, we are waiting for you in our project!

You can register for participation at the coordinator Юлии Зеленер.

+373 (22) 509 646
+373 69020369
Chisinau, E. Doga str. 5,
of. 309, 310, 312
Mon. - Sun.
15:00 - 21:00