Trips to the shelter for animals

Our four-legged little brothers are outstandingly devoted and sincere creatures. However, animals in our country are not protected by law, and people are often very cruel to the weak. They bring the animal to their house, experiencing emotions similar to buying a plush toy.

A list of such immoral acts can be continued for a long time; however, our volunteers decided to balance them with good deeds. We started our own marathon of care and kindness, which our fluffy friends deserve.

Main objective of the project is to help in shelters for homeless animals. As in our country there is no relevant law on the protection of our smaller brothers, the volunteers undertake this business.
We collect the necessary food and medicines for the animals, and provide various help to the shelter.

In the project, there are volunteers from 16 to 60 years old, who have skills in reparation and free time on Sundays.

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