Trip to the animal shelter “Just Live”

At the beginning of the new workweek we would like to share with you photos from the very affecting and kind action which took place on the 13th of January in the animal shelter “Just Live”. A request for help arrived very unexpectedly, but our volunteers couldn’t remain indifferent, and two days later we were clearing away a shelter from the huge snowdrifts.

Thanks to Vanya Kondrashov, Oleg Rotaru, Sasha Danilyuk, Artyom Kulibab, Alexander Chernovsky, Stefan Golovatii, Staf Tapolskii, Maxim Snitkovski, Vadim Rogut, Andrei Ciobanu, Kirill Gorobivski, Alexander Gomenyuk and Nikita Vlasov for your outgoingness and kind heart!

Natalia Nasa, we are glad to meet you! You do very important and difficult work – homeless animals protection. Thank you!

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