“Training with a psychologist” in the context of the Origins of Mercy project

The generation gap often becomes an obstacle to communication, causes misunderstanding and even conflicts. Our volunteers have been working with older people for several years. They try to find an approach to the elderly, learn to communicate with them, but they still experience certain difficulties, which our psychologist helps them cope with.

Psychologist support is very important in volunteering. Therefore, from time to time we organize educational practical meetings for our volunteers.

Psychologist Lyudmila Semina Gitsu conducts a one-year course “Training with a Psychologist” in the context of the Origins of Mercy project. Thanks to the course, volunteers learn new information about aging, the behavior of older people, the methods of communication with them.

At the upcoming meeting, Lyudmila Semina Gitsu will discuss the topic of rules and features of communication with older people. Lyudmila also will speak about neuropsychology and methods of keeping your mind in order.

The training will take place:

On July 24

At 18:00

At room 310

This information will help volunteers to improve their volunteer skills as well as will be useful in your life, for example, in communication with your relatives.

For information and registration, please, contact the project coordinators: Olya Korzhenkova 060184358 Anastasia Zakharchuk 079759599

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