Training with a psychologist as a part of the “Sources of Mercy” project.

Throughout life, a person meets different people and looks for a way to communicate with them. It is especially difficult to find a common language for two different generations, because of the generation gap!

Volunteers often experience difficulties working with the elderly. Sometimes they get into things and don’t know how to get out. In order to protect them from stress, teach and give useful tools and techniques for communicating with older people, we have a training session with a psychologist as a part of the Sources of Mercy project once a month.

This one-year training course will help volunteers, who take part in projects with the elderly, fully possess information on aging, on the behavior of the elderly and on methods of communicating with them.

This time, the psychologist of the Volunteer Center for work with the elderly – Lyudmila Semina-Gitsu will talk on the topic: Deepening the topic of dementia. In addition, we will talk about the way of working in a pair with the elderly on a long-term basis, about burnout and motivation. We will analyze the types of conflicts with the client and the ways of solving them.

Join us on Thursday, September 19th at 18-00 in 310 audiences


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