Top 5 movies for watching with your family

In the rapid cycle of events, in the daily rush, we constantly do not have enough time for the most important things in our lives. In the frenzied pace of today, we do not have enough time to spend elementary time with the most important people in our lives – with our family.

Let’s spend the evening with our loved ones, with our families. We will prepare Goodies, allow ourselves what we have long denied ourselves, maybe our favorite sweets or popcorn, and arrange family movie screenings. Do you like the idea?

Introducing the Top 5 movies for family viewing

  1. We bought a zoo.

Left a widower, Benjamin Mee raises a daughter, Rosie, and a son, Dylan. After the death of his wife, our hero decides to radically change the life of his family and moves out of town. The family acquires a small house, with a plot of land, and, you will not believe it, but a zoo to boot. With the purchase of a house, they began a new life full of adventures, curious cases, new acquaintances and fun. Wayward animals become family favorites, and you will learn about how events will develop further by watching the film.

2. The Adventures Of Paddington

Cute and kind Paddington bear from deep Peru will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. A brave kid moves to London to find a family and become a real gentleman. But on the way to the cherished goal, there are many obstacles, incredible adventures, and of course, a lot of fun cases. By the way, there is a second part.

        3. The way home

This is an incredible story about loyalty and love that knows no barriers and is ready to overcome a distance of hundreds of kilometers. And of course, about a tiny piece of cheese, which the main character loves so much – the dog Bella, who at all costs will return to her owner. Her path will be incredibly difficult, dangerous, but at the same time interesting and exciting.

4. A dog’s life

All dogs are different: breed, size, character, color, but one thing they definitely share-loyalty and love for us – people. It is not for nothing that they say that a dog is the most loyal friend of a person. Perhaps it is for all the good they do for people that they are given the opportunity to be reborn, as we will be told in the film. How many lives will the dog change to meet his master again, whether he will forget him and whether Bailey will return to his master Ethan, you will learn in the film “Dog life”.

5. Teacher of the year

The school has a new teacher. The methods and innovations he introduces are not to the liking of another teacher who has worked at this school for many years. How will this conflict be resolved? And who will win the competition and get the title of Teacher of the year?

And of course, do not forget that you can also review your favorite old movies, which are always loved by both adults and children, for example, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star wars, because the main thing is pleasant emotions, pleasure from spending time together and a warm atmosphere.

Which movie will you choose?


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