The Summer School Be. Do. Have

Summer School – Be. Do. Have

There was a long and serious preparation for a NEW, IMPROVED, UNIQUE AND USEFUL course! We enjoyed interesting lectures from speakers, played different games, talked to each to other, had many meetings and spent an amazing time together!

We had a wonderful time at the recreation center Dacia Marin from August 12 to 18. We spent amazing 7 days! Altogether, 110 people gathered at the Summer School, including participants and our team. We were united by a common goal which was successfully achieved!

Let us remember what Be. Do. Have. is and let’s tell those who read about our Summer School – Be. Do. Have. for the first time. It is an educational course for volunteers, which allows you to get professional training for creating and implementing your own social, volunteer projects.

Be. Do. Have always gives the participants and organizers a lot of ​​positive emotions, unforgettable lectures, amazing people, an incredible atmosphere and, of course, knowledge and new opportunities!

Be. Do. Have gives us new projects which work for the benefit of people! The projects do good, change the world for the better, make people smile! The teams will begin to work on the projects very soon.

As a part of the Summer School program this year, the following events were held:

Group lessons for participants with mentors. The lessons helped the participants to create social projects and gave them skills of developing the project structure, setting goals and objectives, planning the project and its budget, supporting and coordinating the project.

There were also held lectures of choice. The participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with specialists from different fields.

Ludmila Syomina-Gitsu told us about networking, communication and conflicts, time management, the team and the roles of team members, human needs and the way to identify them.

Alexey Kishlaru held a lecture on the subject of Project team management.
Vladimir Simin talked on the following topic: “Necessary skills of successful management”.
Irena Pokladova talked about how to create a highly effective team.
Liubovi Buruiane held a fascinating lecture for participants of the School Be. Do. Have on the topic: “Project management. Tasks and opportunities of the team.”
Harry Reid told the participants about important concepts: Entrepreneur. Consumer. Problem. Project.
Anastasia Ilicheva spoke on the topic: How to choose so that it would not be offensive. Ekaterina Krasilova told the participants how to create the content.
Anton Pahotin who held a lecture on the following topics: promoting non-profit projects on social networks using Facebook, creating a Facebook group for a social project group, attracting sponsors through social networks, influencing the target audience and attracting them through social networks.
Marina Shcherban spoke about the planning and organization of public events.

In addition, as a part of the Summer School, lecturers provided certificates for attending their trainings.

The Summer School Be. Do. Have held many common and evening activities to create a special atmosphere of team building, to research human needs, to maintain motivation of volunteers. We developed a friendly atmosphere, which contributed to a pleasant learning, productive work and just a good time together.

There were also organized a huge number of events that helped participants spend their free time with pleasure: sports, board games and, of course, the pool.

We thank all the lecturers, organizers, sponsors and participants! This course has turned out to be AMAZING AND UNFORGETTABLE!

We also express our deep gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova and the Representatives in Moldova of the JDC Joint for their support. Thank you!

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