The successes of the RVC volunteer center for JUNE

Success from Chisinau

On June 25, we had a big event for the volunteers of our Volunteer Center. They took part in the traditional part of the Shabbat, and we were also able to connect to the wonderful Global Shabbat FSU event. We not only held Shabbat ourselves, but also participated in the exchange of experience with volunteers from other CIS countries and took part in the prepared cultural program. We also connected the wards of Hesed to this Shabbat, the main goal was their socialization. The continuation of this meeting was watching the motivating cartoon “Soul”, the purpose of which is to remind all people about our hobbies, aspirations, dreams, goodness and their importance

Self-development for our volunteers is very important, so our program always includes educational trainings, master classes, where volunteers gain new knowledge. In June, we decided to hold a photography master class for the volunteers. The invited guest, a photographer, talked about the basics of photography, how to properly adjust the light, how to choose an angle, and also talked about modern methods for obtaining beautiful and bright photos. During the event, the photographs taken by our volunteers were taken apart and all the mistakes made were discussed. Such illustrative examples made it possible to better assimilate the material covered and understand what mistakes should not be made. Thanks to this master class, now every volunteer will be able to take cool photos of their project and upload them to social networks.

In the middle of the month, an educational training in photography was held for volunteers together with an invited guest – Eduard Khlibchuk. At this meeting, Eduard told and showed how to take pictures correctly, and also shared useful life hacks that will be useful to all participants of the meeting!

On June 25, cherries were delivered to the elderly within the framework of the Vitamin Healthy Box project. In one day, our volunteers managed to sort 100 kg. cherries and breed for elderly community members and families – 50 addresses. 9 volunteers and a whole family took part in collecting and delivering food, together parents and children joined the volunteer movement.

On June 28, a regular meeting of volunteers from 3 cities with psychologist Lyudmila Semina-Gitsu took place. In addition to discussing particular cases of communication with older clients, they discussed the topics of perception (how personal perception can affect the assessment of the situation and morale), anxiety (how to avoid a state of eternal stress), the ability to distract from negativity and the allocation of time when solving everyday issues and tasks.

Successes from Rybnitsa city

Creative workshop for volunteers

On June 22, Hesed hosted a creative workshop for making paintings as a gift to Hesed’s elderly clients.

The volunteers learned to draw using the technique of right hemispheric gouache painting – a technique in which more attention is paid to the perception of images, rather than the technique of drawing as such. This is an intuitive method: quickly repeating techniques after the trainer, not having time to think logically and analyze, we ended up with an amazing result on the sheet.

We hope that the paintings created by the hands and soul of the volunteers will delight connoisseurs of fine art.


Shabbat for seniors and volunteers

On June 25, an online Shabbat was held for Hesed volunteers and elderly clients.

The next meeting of the Queen of Shabbat within the framework of the “Origins of Mercy” project was interesting and sincere. As always, our volunteers did not stand aside – traditionally Lilia Braga lit Shabbat candles and read blessings, and Vita Kameneva introduced us to such personalities as Balak, the king of Moab, and the prophet Bilam. Thanks to our esteemed volunteers, the participants learned why after Bilam Gd no longer endowed non-Jews with the gift of prophecy and why he sent an epidemic to the Jewish people. We also read and discussed instructive Hebrew parables and just enjoyed the conversations.


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