The “Mutual Perspective” Project

Do you like to spend your free time with your family?
The relationship between a parent and a child is one of the closest in the world, but despite that, for varying reasons parents and their kids tend to spend very little time with each other. What tends to happen is as children grow up, they begin to get involved in their own various activities, while at the same time parents are busy at work, so the few precious moments parents get to spend with their kids are to be treasured.
The goal of our project is to increase the time parents and children spend together! On December 15th, we invited families to take part in our project “Mutual Perspective”. The meeting had a wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere, where parents and their kids got to spend some quality time together. Everyone decorated a tzedakah, which they got to take home with them afterwards. We hope that this joint-effort project will continue to remind you to smile and bring happiness to your home.

Always strive to stay close with one another!

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