The Competition “Fă un bine”

Do you remember that we launched the competition “Fă un bine” aimed at creating a unique layout for the trolleybus design, which reflects the idea of ​​kindness and mutual support? In general, we are reporting excellent news – Maria Serjuk became the winner of the competition. Masha, like nobody else, was able to show this idea, and we congratulate her.

If you managed to go by this wonderful trolley bus, then you noticed these beautiful colors and stunning design. It raises the mood of Chisinau citizens and whispers “do a good deed”!

We are sure that all who have at least seen or gone by our trolleybus, will start little by little to do good deeds, and after that, it won’t be possible to stop – we know this from our own experience.

We are extremely grateful to our partners TMG Moldova. Transport Municipal Group and Chişinău Municipality for the support and launch of the “Good Deeds” trolleybus, which has gone on the route since April 29, and will continue its journey until August 2018.

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