The Call Center project has become an indispensable help during the pandemic

Today we would like to acquaint you with a special project of the Republican Volunteer Center “CALL CENTER”, the direction of which is to help the elderly by phone: information, support, “friendship by phone”.

How does it work and what are the goals of the project? First of all, of course, this is calling elderly clients to overcome loneliness, Formation of “Client-Volunteer” pairs with regular periodic phone calls, which volunteers carry out from the walls of the Center and remotely. Well, do not forget about another task of the project – informing the city and the community about the upcoming events.

For a long time, the project has not lost its relevance, since for many lonely sedentary elderly (especially during the period of self-isolation) the telephone remains the only way to communicate with people. So it turns out that the target audience of the project is lonely and sedentary elderly.

Today, there are two main types of activities in the direction: informing, which includes informing active elderly about upcoming events and projects of the Community, KEDEM, in which they can take part and support by phone (“Friendship by phone”).

In the “Friendship by Phone” format, lonely elderly people are distributed among volunteers, forming a permanent “client-volunteer” pair. The volunteer calls the assigned elderly person 1-2 times a week in order to brighten up the gray everyday life of a single person with communication: they discuss news, health issues, memories and stories from life, etc.

Seniors know many interesting stories, share their experiences and talk about their lives, so if you are interested in a project and such a format of communication, if you are over 18 years old, you like to communicate, you are responsible, sociable and punctual, we invite you to join the CALL CENTER.

P.S. All volunteers of the CALL CENTER direction are trained, take part in educational seminars, monthly meetings and trainings with a psychologist and are an integral part of the team of the Republican Volunteer Center.

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