Summer school “Be.Do.Have: Improve Yourself”

08/08/2017 – 13/08/2017

Often you hear about exit trainings and self-development, advance and business seminars in other countries and you dream to get on them? And you knew that in Moldova they are carried out not the first year? Among them and summer school for volunteers “there is Be.Do.Have: Improve Yourself”, organized by Republican Volunteer Center (RVC) and youth club Haverim.

Our Summer school has united not only lectures and courses from successful people of Moldova, but also has allowed participants to put the gained knowledge into practice. Forces more than 70 participants and also coordinators and experts have developed about 20 ideas, 10 of which will be embodied in a type of social projects within work of Volunteer center.

The action took place on recreation facility of “Dacia Marin” in the settlement of Vadul-luy-Vode within a week. Surprisingly, how fast participants from people unfamiliar each other have turned into several excellent working teams with common interests and aspirations! We have organized their collaboration in groups on the 4th directions:

  • help to children,
  • help to youth and teenagers,
  • help elderly,
  • help to animals and ecology.

In development of projects on each of the directions to participants the invited experts in the field of business helped, to psychology, social business, marketing and advance with social networks. Our Summer school was visited by Anton Pakhotin, Irena Pokladova, Vasilisa Smirnova, Lyudmila Syomina, Mikhail Chebanu, Ekaterina Mashkautsan and also the special guest from Odessa – Sergey Opanyuk. Besides, development of the ideas of participants was monitored by skilled coordinators who have helped them to learn about process of creation of volunteer projects, relying on own experience and to start up the train of thought in the necessary direction.

Result of Summer school were 10 unique projects which will begin the work soon and will receive financing. But for participants important not only it. Each of them has gained unique experience and knowledge, someone has tried to show the leadership skills and to undertake project management. There were even those who have arrived to Summer school, without knowing anything about volunteering, and have left the full-fledged coordinator let of the small, but important social project. Thus, the idea of our school has been realized: “Solving problems of society, we improve ourselves and vice versa”. We will wish to all participants of good luck and infinite patience on the way to realization of their ideas!

“I am glad that every year more and more people are interested and engaged in volunteer activity. Desire to help and do good deeds is the main idea in education of socially responsible, tolerant society. Only we will be able to make joint efforts this world better, and – is a little happier than the people surrounding us. Volunteering changes our attitude towards itself and people around, changes our values and our outlook”, – such assessment of activity of Summer school was given by the head of Republican Volunteer Center Nikolay Raylyan.

Project “Be.Do.Have: Improve Yourself” is implemented with assistance of representative office of JDC “Joint” in Moldova, EKTs “by KEDEM

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