Successes of RVC volunteers in February

February has come to an end, which means that we are ready to share the results for the month!

Last month started with Tu Bishvat, the New Year of Trees, during which we had several meetings. Our permanent Jewish educator Revekka Safronova held two meetings for volunteers and the elderly, at which the participants remembered the history of the holiday and its main attributes.

Tu Bishvat also became the main topic of one of the meetings of our new project “About self-love”. At an online meeting with elderly people, the hosts of the project, Marina Botsan and Anastasia Tihomirova, talked about the holiday, discussed its meaning, value and shared a good mood with our viewers of the golden age. About 90 people joined the broadcast!

Also in February, the first seminar this year focused on the specifics of work with older people took place. The seminar turned out to be very warm, helpful and informative. Including a variety of activities and information to process. So, for example, within the framework of the seminar, a training was held with psychologist Lyudmila Semina-Gitsu on the topic “Features of volunteering. Social growth, conscious hobby and self-realization.”

At the meeting, 20 workshop participants and coordinators discussed partnered work and the launch of new projects. Finally, we talked about innovations in the RVC and city initiatives in which we can take part.

In early January, we opened two new volunteer vacancies – logisticians and an emergency group of volunteers. In February, we organized the first meeting with volunteers who were interested in these positions. At the meeting, the volunteers got acquainted with the coordinators and other volunteers, learned a lot about the RVC, shared their interests and skills that they could use as part of volunteer activities in our center. Also in February, the first communal Shabbat of this year took place, which allowed the large family of KEDEM to gather together. Within the walls of the concert hall, participants of the RVC, MP Haverim, JR and EORM gathered to celebrate Saturday. Thanks to the general assistance, the participants spent the evening in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Our logistics volunteers also participated in the organization of the event. They took part in the preparation and decoration of the hall, as well as in thinking through the interactive part, making the evening not only enjoyable, but also educational!

With our projects, we show that we never stand still and are constantly continue develop! So, in the direction of helping children, in addition to kindergarten No. 68, this month our volunteers visited kindergarten No. 129 for the first time.

Volunteers held a creative session for the children, where they talked about art and got acquainted with warm and cold tones of the colors.

Every Sunday, with the help of volunteers, children learn new exciting topics. Most of the classes are held in English, which helps the children improve their spoken English, as well as learn to quickly build up the listening skills.

In the classroom, participants study not only topics from the school curriculum, but also the culture of English-speaking countries.

Come join our classes!

We keep it interesting and entertaining!

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