September turned out to be VERY PRODUCTIVE!

We had everything we love: good deeds, excellent events, positive emotions, new acquaintances and improvement of projects!

  • We hosted the Volunteer Jobs Fair, which was attended by over 350 people.
  • 200 guests who came to the Fair signed up to join various projects.
  • We filmed a documentary about volunteers called “5 motivating stories”.
  • We held 40 bedohave project development meetings with 16 projects.
  • 10 language lessons (English, Romanian) were held for children from dysfunctional families
  • The second annual Point Exchange Ceremony took place in SEPTEMBER.
  • We called more than 60 older people and spent 20 hours in total in the context of the Call Center and Be in touch project.
  • 60 participants attended the Seder Rosh Hashanah event.
  • A psychologist held 2 trainings related talking on the phone with the elderly.
  • We organized a volunteer campaign for families.
  • We spent 24 hours of art workshops in total for a group of 15 older people suffering from dementia in the context of the projects “Now we are closer” and “Ageing Well”.
  • Our volunteers visited twice the Children’s Hospital named after Ignatenko.
  • We held 2 meetings on planning and development of the “Workshop” and “Call Center” projects.
  • We had 2 morning runs around Komsomolsky Lake.
  • We arranged a workshop in Vadul Lui Voda as a part of the Rosh Hashanah celebration.
  • We are actively preparing for a poetic evening. Valery Schwarz and Alexander Mitnik (elderly clients of HESED) are developing a compilation of poems of their own composition. The poems will be presented at the final concert of the “YOUTH Studio” project.
  • We held a meeting for volunteers who had a birthday last month.
  • Our volunteers visited 8 older people and spent 28 hours in total as a part of the Home Care and Repair School projects.
  • The next course of IT grandma was completed. 6 graduates were awarded with diplomas for excellence and active participation in the project. We are planning to start a course for beginners in November.

Such a short month of SEPTEMBER and we managed to do many things!

Dear friends, thanks to everyone who takes part in the development of VOLUNTEER ACTIVITY, contributes to the development of the Center and every day improves RVC PROJECTS! These are all our common achievements and victories!

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