Shooting of documentaries with veterans of war

The Second World War touched absolutely everyone. Historians have told a lot about this, and the young minds still are interested in the events of those times. However, it is one thing to find information about the war on the Internet or read about it in books, but another is to learn the history from those who have seen it with his own eyes.

Our project is aimed at preserving the memories of veterans of the Second World War in a specially filmed documentary. During the preparation, a psychologist and journalist train volunteers. The young learn how to communicate with older people correctly, and how to ask the right questions. Volunteers visit veterans and hold a conversation, during which the older generation shares the story of their lives during the war.

In this project, volunteers from 18 to 40 years old, who are polite, tactful, and possess journalistic skills, take part. The schedule is flexible.


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