Shabbat online

Hooray! Last Friday, April 17th, our first Shabbat onlinewas held! We were joined by eight people who want to meet on Saturday together.

Even though we were far from each other, the meeting turned out to be as warm and soulful as usually. However, the main thing is that we are together, morally next to each other.

We discussed the parable of faith, hope and love, and we talked separately about the peace that is now especially needed during the quarantine. Our conversation turned out to be so rich and many, as we thought, gave New Forces and charged a positive attitude.

Friends, today is the second Sabbath. Connect us. Volunteers, grandparents – all those who want to meet on Saturday in a friendly atmosphere-we are waiting for you today at 16:00!

All details can be addressed to Olea Korzhenkova

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of. 309, 310, 312
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