Seniors call statistics, June
      Sometimes it takes so little to show attention and concern regarding the others: just dial the number, ask about health or discuss the latest news. Unfortunately, because of current situation, elderly people are not recommended to go outside in order not to be at risk. At self-isolation it may be boring and lonely, that is why volunteers from our center call seniors regularly with a view to ask them about well-being, and just to have a small-talk about anything: weather, grandchildren’s success, favourite pets…

Volunteers can talk about ways to protect your health from coronavirus disease or about what bothers their conversationalist.

These calls are full of friendly atmosphere and from volunteers’ side and from seniors’ one.

In June 13 volunteers have called 1000 elderly people. Conversations’ time is 85 hours. It’s really great, isn’t it?
85 hours of laugh, kind words, interesting stories, useful conversations and positive emotions on both ends of the wire.
It’s time to take your phone and call your grandparents to ask about their well-being and and just talk!
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