Workshop “Network of Volunteer Managers”

The “Network of Volunteer Coordinators” workshop is an opportunity to improve your skills and gain new knowledge to improve your skills.

What is our seminar for, and what is a volunteer coordinator?

Let’s talk! The Volunteer Coordinator is a volunteer who is responsible for coordinating a project at the Volunteer Center. He is engaged in full support of the project volunteers, as well as content, program and communication with beneficiaries. This seminar will allow each volunteer to learn more about the internal work of the Volunteer Center, about the stages of creating projects and actions, as well as about the correct support of volunteers. Plus, this is an opportunity to learn about the formats for conducting informal meetings and additional information for working with volunteers.

If you want not only to do good deeds, but also to help others do them, to facilitate the work of volunteers, to develop projects, to coordinate the actions of participants and to think over the program, we invite you to take a course in our project: “Volunteer Coordinators Network” on April 30th.

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