Seminar “Origins of Mercy” for volunteers Chisinau, Balti, Rybnitsa

From 23 to 25 July, an offsite educational seminar was held for volunteers of the Origins of Mercy project from Chisinau, Balti, Rybnitsa. For 3 days, the volunteers managed to get to know each other, exchange experiences and projects, gain new knowledge and skills in working with the elderly, and also jointly compiled a list of new project ideas and activities that are ready to be implemented in the near future.

Classes with psychologist Lyudmila Semina-Gitsu, Shabbat meeting with Riva Safronova, creative workshops and evening atmospheric events from the coordinators rallied the participants and gave the necessary charge of motivation for further activities within the cities.

Thanks to lecturers, project coordinators in cities for their well-coordinated work and professionalism in conducting classes.

We believe that the next seminar on the exchange of experience will be no less intense with emotions and we will be able to share our successes in the projects that started thanks to this seminar!

The seminar is organized with the support of JDC.

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+373 69020369
Chisinau, E. Doga str. 5,
of. 309, 310, 312
Mon. - Sun.
15:00 - 21:00