Seminar for volunteers “Origins of Mercy”

This Sunday, February 26, the first seminar of this year on the direction of assistance to the elderly was hosted under the umbrella of the “Origins of Mercy” project in Chisinau.

The seminar turned out to be very fruitful, cozy in spirit and informative on practice. It included a variety of activities and informational value.

So, for example, within the framework of the seminar, a training was held with psychologist Lyudmila Semina-Gitsu on the topic “Features of volunteering. Social growth, conscious hobby and self-realization.”

At the meeting, 20 participants of the seminar and coordinators discussed partnered work, experienced volunteers of the Center met new volunteers, shared their experience and their own life hacks that they had developed during the multitude of other projects.

Also, at the meeting, we discussed the launch of our own projects. Step by step, we went over the most important points, namely: how to strengthen the concept of th project or adapt it to the need. We did not miss the topic of individual assistance in referral with the elderly, the involvement of new volunteers into existing projects, followed by collaborative development.

Finally, we talked about innovations in the RVC and city initiatives in which we can and will take part.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the workshop and see you soon!
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