Seder Pesach 5778 for young people and volunteers

On April 6, under the roof of The Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus several organizations gathered to celebrate Pesach – the Jewish Easter, a festival in commemoration of Israel’s exodus from Egypt. During the holiday, people eat matzah, which symbolizes the bread that the Israelites ate in the desert, when left Egypt. An important part of the holiday is the “Seder”, a ritual meal, and our volunteers also took part there.

Several generations met together to recall history and continue the tradition. Our presenters  Nikolay Railean and Nikita Soliviovas well as our expert in history and Judaism  Raveka Safronova helped us with the traditional part and for that we are very grateful. After the meal, the event went on with a cool party with songs and dances to the music of “Angry Band”.

Thanks to the organizers of this great holiday: the Jewish Community of Moldova, HaverimNew Moishe House ChişinăuVolunteer Center RVC.

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