Second Volunteer Community Festival passed

The second Volunteer Community Festival for volunteers from 4 cities took place. The festival was attended by 100 volunteers from Chisinau, Balti, Rybnitsa, Tiraspol.

At the seminar, we solved several problems at once. We introduced volunteers from 4 cities to each other, and also exchanged experience between participants and coordinators. The meeting was held in an interactive format, with master classes and speeches from our lecturers on a variety of topics.

For example, one of the speakers was Luminitsa Shpak, doctor, resident hematologist at the Institute of Oncology. Luminica spoke with the topic “First Aid, Illustrative Examples”. As part of the basic life support course “Basic support life”, she talked about the basics of first aid, the chain of survival, recognizing alarm signals and activating the emergency medical service.

Another speaker, Anastasia Ilyicheva, who holds the position of Global HR Manager in an IT company, spoke on the topic “Presentation of oneself in an interview”
Anastasia talked about what is currently relevant in the labor market, what goodies companies offer on the market, how to choose a dream company and how to properly present yourself in an interview.

Choreographer Marina Sircu held an incendiary master class called “Zumba Dance Studio”. We got an incendiary, musical-dance, rhythmic warm-up, which charged us with vivacity for a long time to come.

Lina Tetyusheva, a practical psychologist, told us about the importance of proper self-care to maintain a good mood and reduce anxiety.

Confectioner Tulumari Rodica held a carving workshop, where we learned how to properly use tools for sculpting vegetables and fruits, and thanks to Natalya Britkova, we managed to conduct art therapy to get to know each other, where we painted with watercolors and salt.

Together with the manager of JCC KEDEM Michalko Valentina we met
with the main Digital-directions. And a little later, together with Leah Nikiforova, we discussed the theme of a functional wardrobe for the fall.

The festival was very cool, fun and educational. Thanks to everyone who took part! And see you again!


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