School of the Deaf

Inspiring poetry is what gives us a basis for reflection and undoubtedly encourages us. This is something in which we can find ourselves, and also express our joy, sadness, passion, pain and delight. “Poetry is a stream of joy, pain, amazement and a small part of the words of a dictionary.”

On November 29th, volunteers and elderly guests of the volunteer center were in an unusual cafe. This was a cafe of memories and thoughts. Volunteers of the project, “School for the Deaf” read poems and monologues, parts of which were translated into sign language, which is being learned as part of the project.

Additionally, an elderly participant in the event, “Youth Studio,” Alexander Mitnick, read a poem that he himself composed. Unfortunately, another participant in that project was unable to take part to due health concerns, but we are wishing him a quick recovery, and are hoping that he will be joining us next time!

Upon the completion of the program prepared by the youth volunteers, each program participant could go up on the stage and read their favorite poem. We were very surprised and pleased with the turnout of the event!

We would like to thank everyone who performed on the stage, those who read poems, those who were translating the performances into sign language, and lastly, those who came to participate! You all created the amazing atmosphere that made this night unforgettable!

This really was a wonderful evening event, enhanced by the candles and the great company of the volunteers and elderly participants. In general, the smiles and good mood of all of the participants is a great sign of what is to be expected of upcoming events at the RVC!

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